Thursday, November 6, 2008

style flashback

I have chosen Carolyn as the first style flashback as when I was a young girl living in new york in the same town where she was born,her image was everywhere & her syle and beauty had a large impact on me. I vividly remember thinking how beautiful and classic she was then, and still is to this day.

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was born in Jan 1966 in Westchester County New York. She studied at Boston University and work for Calvin Klein store in Boston. After moving to New York City she became a publicist for Calvin dressing many of his celebrity clients. It was there that she met Jonh F Kennedy Jr son of the famous JFK and style icon Jackie Onasis.Carolyn was a style icon known for her blonde hair, red lips and simple yet stylish dressing and was a favourite of the New York paparazzi. On July 16 1999 after taking off from a small aiport with John and her sister their plane crashed into the ocean with all three of them loosing their lives.
However her beautiful grace and style will live on and be copied for many years to come.