Friday, November 7, 2008

how to- fake tan

1/The first thing you must do when fake tanning is go to the body shop & buy some of those exfoliation gloves $10. These are the best to use in the shower to completly exfoliate from head to toe.
2/Now tannig works best if it is done straight after you hop out of the shower after you have completly dried off
3/ Get your tan ( the tinted ones where you can actually see where you are applying work best) and massage it into the skin making sure that you pay special attention to elbows, knees ect and that there are no streaks.
4/ Wait the required amount of time before redressing and sleep in your tan over night laying some old towls in your bed as to not get on your sheets
5/ In the morning shower throughly and moisturise
Here are some tanning products I really recommend.
  • Model Co Tan In A Can $45- the original and probably the best gives the best colour but can be messy so do this in your shower OR wear medical gloves and spray it into your hands in a big pool and apply like a cream tan.
  • Ella Bache Cream Tan $40-Gives amazing/ natural colour but you need to put time aside for this one as it takes time to dry
  • Benefit Jiffy Tan $50- this product is the BEST its not actually a permanent fake tan but the ones that you apply and wash off with soap and water. It goes on so easily and gives the best colour and can be done right before you go out and you wont get that fake tan smell. It sets immediatly and wont rub off on clothing. great when you feel lazy