Friday, December 12, 2008

how to- red lips

Red Lips are a fantastic way to change up your usual makeup look. It may take a few trys to find a red that you like and feel comfortable with so its worth trying on a few. If you are brave a vibrant classic red ( think Gwen Stephani) is a beautiful look. Other times it can be a great idea to go for a darker red which is not as vibrant ( like Jessica Albas here) coral reds are also a beautiful option as they take the edge off and look amazing with bronzer. Always remember that when you go for a vibrant lip wear a light subtle eye shadow with a few coats of mascara to make your lips the stand out feature!

Some great options are ....
>Clinique Citrus Rose$36
>MAC in See She $35
>Estee Lauder in Rich Red $42
>Clarins in Orange Fizz $40

Monday, December 8, 2008

style notes

Daisy Lowe, daughter of model Pearl Lowe and rocker Gavin Rossdale ( yes the one who is married to Gwen and only found out in the last few years through DNA that Daisy was in fact his daughter and not his god daughter like he once thought)is only 19 but is rocking some serious style. She not only has graced the catwalks of some amazing designers such as Agent Provcator but she has also scored herself some lucrative campaigns suchs as Wheels and Dollbaby and most recently Marc by Marc Jacobs.Hot!