Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Its Splendour time again in July and if you missed out on a ticket to see MGNT, Bloc Party and many more amazing acts you still may have a chance. Qjump has introduced a new system so that if you don't want your ticket you can sell it back to them which means there are more up for graps! I feel Drew at the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee on Saturday is feeling the Splendour spirit!

act like a lady think like a man

Oprah was so impressed with this book that she asked the author Steve Harvey to come on back to her show for a whole hour of great advice for women.This no nonsense book tells women that chivalry is not dead its just not required anymore, women aren't raising the bar high enough because if a guy wants you there is nothing you can do to turn him off. You can pick up this handy guide from, i think its a must for every girls collection and so does the New York Times bestseller list!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Jessica Biel showed up for her appearance on the late show looking fantastic in a simple up do and chunky heels a lot of people agreeing that this beauty is definitely coming a long way with her fashion choices! and Lauren Conrad twittered about how her outfit for the MTV awards the other day was a lot more daring than normal,looks great! xc

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

immaculate beauty

Having never previously been a fan of Dita Von Teese I was surprised when I saw her whilst in Myer Sydney. She was their on behalf of MAC for which she was the face of their Viva-Glam lipstick (which raises funds for the prevention and awareness of aids.) I was really taken by how beautiful she was in real life. She was so immaculate in every way from her beautiful skin & her amazing makeup (which she always does herself!) to her petite body. Ever since I have enjoyed looking at her fashion images and her interesting choices. I feel that she pushes the boundaries of fashion with daring silhouettes which remind us that dressing with style and class is the most beautiful of all.I think she is someone to keep on mind when putting together you own individual look. xc

Monday, June 1, 2009